Langlois Market
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Arjuna PalmerArjuna Palmer
01:13 12 Jul 24
So friendly their like family
cove gallaghercove gallagher
17:39 11 Jul 24
Jake was chill and super helpful, highly recommend, get the dawgs!
Phillip FennPhillip Fenn
10:24 09 Jul 24
Looks like a great market in the middle of nowhere on the way to somewhere. Get some beers or fill a growler on the way to the beach or creek. Most definitely have a hotdog. I think that is what they are famous for. Not your typical dog, but unique and delicious. Get your bagged ice elsewhere.
William TiptonWilliam Tipton
05:06 08 Jul 24
Best spot on the coast for food. A must vist.
J.W. PierceJ.W. Pierce
00:46 05 Jul 24
Ginger ThomasGinger Thomas
17:45 27 Jun 24
World famous hotdogs. I believe it the mustard. Great mustard. Nice place
Atis RektiņšAtis Rektiņš
13:25 22 Jun 24
I bought hotdog and iceream for my kids. Everything was excellent, staff were friendly. Also the rest of the store seemed to be very nice.
Jeanne GullettJeanne Gullett
02:54 19 Jun 24
23:10 17 Jun 24
Kevin JonesKevin Jones
05:51 17 Jun 24
World famous hot dogs! Seriously!
James Mc AllisterJames Mc Allister
03:38 12 Jun 24
I stopped by today with my daughter to try their world famous hotdogs that we've heard so much about, well we both tried their basic dog with onions, dill pickles and homemade mustard and we were impressed. We plan to stop by again and try some of their other deli items that caught our eye.Till next time...thx, James
Daniel BoonDaniel Boon
01:56 11 Jun 24
Andrew BatteenAndrew Batteen
05:46 09 Jun 24
I had to see what the hype was about, and I was not disappointed. The hot dog, with sweet/hot mustard and onions..... so good!
Jamie LoweJamie Lowe
23:39 08 Jun 24
Very friendly staff. Actually turned around just to try the "world famous hot dog" DEFINITELY worth a bite!
22:56 06 Jun 24
Nancy NeesonNancy Neeson
22:18 05 Jun 24
irene saleyirene saley
21:13 03 Jun 24
Sunshine Hanks-holmesSunshine Hanks-holmes
19:00 29 May 24
Emily MengelEmily Mengel
03:08 28 May 24
If you're traveling through Langlois at 10:30 in the morning and think, "Is it too early for a hot dog?", know that it is NOT too early for a hot dog. These dogs are 'world famous' for a reason. Get one at any time of day and you will be happy. Great liquor store in the market too.
02:20 25 May 24
World famous hot dogs they claim... worst hot dog I've tried outside a boiled ballpark dog.
Douglas HoffmanDouglas Hoffman
21:18 24 May 24
Great hotdogs
russ minerruss miner
23:57 17 May 24
Ed N.Ed N.
22:20 16 May 24
Great little market. Huge selection of beer. Deli smelled wonderful.
Heather BockHeather Bock
21:58 12 May 24
I miss the world famous hotdogs. They changed something it’s no longer the same it’s just now a basic hotdog. Very disappointing. The mustard is still the same and very good but they barely put any on you have to strain to taste it.Edit: made the mistake of trying to get another hotdog today just because I really miss the Langlois hotdogs and how good they were. Thought I’d give him another try. Just lousy, you can’t taste the mustard on it at all, which is the best part of the hotdogs they used to skin their hotdogs for the mustard with seep in. They got lazy and don’t wanna skin them anymore which makes all of the difference. This is just a regular plain normal nothing hot dog nothing special they taken away. What made these things great very disappointing. Definitely no longer on my list of places to bring all of my guests as a novelty place nobody would be very impressed by these hotdogs.
Travis RemingtonTravis Remington
18:09 12 May 24
Good market for location. Great selection and normal convenience store food. Bike maintenance post
Riley TrainRiley Train
17:11 11 May 24
Kenneth PayneKenneth Payne
20:09 02 May 24
Always a pleasure stopping in and getting a famous hotdog and a new hat!
Ron WoodheadRon Woodhead
05:48 25 Apr 24
Friendly staff with great hotdogs and lots of other items. Well worth the visit while we were motorcycling thru the area. Handy parking and outdoor picnic tables.
Daneeva JohnsonDaneeva Johnson
00:40 25 Apr 24
Amazing hot dogs
Mark KaneMark Kane
23:32 21 Apr 24
Fred ElksFred Elks
23:15 15 Apr 24
Holly HawkinsHolly Hawkins
19:53 11 Apr 24
Saw this online while researching our trip along the Oregon Coast. My husband was hesitant about why I wanted to go to a random store to get a hot dog. I just knew we should!! It was so good and different from most hot dogs we've tried. We even went back a 2nd time on our trip, and he wanted to go a 3rd, but we didn't make it. Great selection of other items as well, and got us started on a Kombutcha kick. 😊
Julee DaigleJulee Daigle
18:39 07 Apr 24
Eva HartEva Hart
02:41 06 Apr 24
Matvey BasMatvey Bas
22:29 05 Apr 24
Really suprised, this was a really well stocked roadside shop.
Deanna GroveDeanna Grove
14:43 05 Apr 24
Jennifer D WarrenJennifer D Warren
04:12 31 Mar 24
Friendly staff, well stocked with a little of everything, good prices. We enjoyed the hot dogs too. Has one of the largest selections of local Oregon beers I’ve ever seen!
Jennifer D WarrenJennifer D Warren
18:41 28 Mar 24
Charlie RussellCharlie Russell
02:41 26 Mar 24
Really "down-home" friendly people?
Jj MartinezJj Martinez
19:13 20 Mar 24
Best hotdog ever.I do miss there old worlds famous hotdog sign.
Karen KlokkevoldKaren Klokkevold
21:39 19 Mar 24
Evana DawkinsEvana Dawkins
00:08 17 Mar 24
Frank O MillerFrank O Miller
20:55 11 Mar 24
The hot dogs are worth the stop.
Rachel HallRachel Hall
00:51 11 Mar 24
Extraordinary. Home of the Rock Star weiner. A menue selection of sandwiches beyond imagination. And the local meeting place.
jamie callawayjamie callaway
02:20 07 Mar 24
Good deli and nice people
Great place.
Janet MorrisJanet Morris
21:15 17 Feb 24
Food, wine, nice setting
Rickey OrmistonRickey Ormiston
03:06 17 Feb 24
World famous Hot Dogs and the Hand made Salami sandwich are great. Just had one today. Great selection of beer. Super friendly staff. Everything a store out in the middle of the Boonies needs.
01:44 17 Feb 24
Hot dogs are great!
01:17 30 Jan 24
Great hotdog! The secret is the mustard and pickles!
Wild WitchWild Witch
03:05 16 Jan 24
Best hotdogs in Oregon, no wait in the USA, no wait inches world, no wait in the entire universe!!! ❤️🧡💛
Teresa DianeTeresa Diane
20:44 15 Jan 24
Their hot dogs are awesome as long as you don't get the house mustard unless you like sweet mustard. You can buy a growler jug $5 bucks and it only costs $7 fill it. They have many choices to choose from also which i think is a great deal.
Ginger DaughertyGinger Daugherty
02:41 12 Jan 24
Super nice staff and delicious tacos on taco Tuesday!
01:15 12 Jan 24
We tried the famous hotdog with everything, and found it waaaay too sweet! Other than that, it was fine. My spouse said that the meat was a notch above a Costco hot dog but the overall hot dog is a notch below Costco.
Jasine LobatoJasine Lobato
21:59 22 Oct 23
This place was the most amazing place ive ever been too, i wish i couldve stayed in organ.
Charisse YevonneCharisse Yevonne
23:16 19 Oct 23
Mark OConnorMark OConnor
00:15 18 Oct 23
Not all they are hyped up about. Hot dogs are mediocre at best. Staff is "mostly" cool. 10/17/23... the huge dark haired girl simply ignored me at the register for almost a minute, while starring at the computer. Is it that hard to multitask and acknowledge someone?
Michael CampbellMichael Campbell
23:19 17 Oct 23
Great people. Good food.
Victoria SteuartVictoria Steuart
14:49 14 Oct 23
Stop here and eat! Best sandwiches and salads ever!!!! Great prices! Small restroom in the back for customers!!! Love it! You can’t go wrong. Friendly and fun!
Jerry HoffmanJerry Hoffman
00:56 09 Sep 23
This place used to be the best place to stop and get food from the deli now it’s absolutely the worst especially when you’re in a hurry they never have any food prepared and they can’t figure out how to cook a corndog in less than 40 minutes I used to stop here all the time But now every time I stop, I get nothing disappointment. The food is always good, but they never have any made What’s the point of having a hot case if you’re not gonna have food in it to stay hot. For when a truck, driver or a first responder wants to grab something quick absolutely disgusting with how long it takes at a convenience store.
Lucas MartinLucas Martin
17:12 11 Aug 23
Can't recommend their hotdogs enough. The in-house honey mustard has the just right hint of horseradish to balance the sweetness of the nice crisp pickles. A must stop local gem if you're passing through the area
Cindi HowardCindi Howard
03:36 04 Aug 23
Favorite place to stop along 101. The feature a lot of local in season products. They can order you anything. The service is friendly and courteous. The deli is amazingly delicious. Love their house hot dog specials.
Ira NannemanIra Nanneman
22:39 04 Jul 23
Happy group able to make your orders almost without telling them what you want on your world famous polish sausage. Yummy food, the store is stocked well and the staff are very quick to see how they can help you.
Taylor SmithTaylor Smith
23:04 27 Jun 23
10/10 picked up 20 hotdogs, passed them around town and everyone loved them. The mustard and pickles are the best, super friendly service. Overall a wonderful experience
Shauleen HigginsShauleen Higgins
07:37 17 Mar 23
If you are ever passing through Langlois you've got to stop at the Langlois Market. I always do! While the deli is preparing your food or after you get it, you can shop the market for extra drinks or candy or whatever you like. The deli food is fantastic! Legendary hot dogs and epic sandwiches. Everything on the menu is worth a try. I have never been disappointed. Take it on your travels or just chill on the picnic tables outside. It's great on a sunny day. My children love the place as much as I do. We never pass it by. Definitely check it out! You won't be sorry, I promise.
Pete StofielPete Stofiel
16:51 17 Feb 23
Stopped at the Langlois Market on my way through town because I needed a snack and a drink. This funky little store is just awesome! They got a full variety of food stuffs as well as a deli counter and built in liquor store. A guy could get everything he needs in one stop! The feller hanging out at the register was just as friendly and helpful as could be and we made a bit of genuine conversation while I paid, even. This store is a little crowded inside but that's only so they can fitall your needs into one place. I plan to return and I think you should visit them too.
Very small town!Loved how it had EVERYTHING you could want or need in 1 store!They had separate areas and even a hot/cold deli area, and there house special hot dogs were the BEST i have had in forever!!!!
Ruben QuirogaRuben Quiroga
17:43 14 Oct 22
These are by far the friendliest of people in all of Oregon, right here. From the moment you walk in, you're greeted kindly with a smile and you feel welcomed. If you choose to grab a bite to eat, they have a great selection of sandwiches, grilled or cold, fresh meats and other hot foods in the keeper. The hot dogs are also delicious. They are pretty famous around these parts of the coast.
Ragnar ScottRagnar Scott
18:04 30 Sep 22
When I say you have never seen, and will never see, a store with people are friendly, personable, welcome, and kind as this place - I mean every word. I stop here every time I’m driving down the coast… even if I don’t need anything. They put a smile on my face every single time. I don’t know what they’re putting in the water in Langlois, but I wish they did it everywhere. These folks are awesome!!!
Dong TranDong Tran
16:49 22 Aug 22
We live in San Francisco and love to travel up and down the CA and Oregon coast. We were recently told of Langlois Market by a friend who moved here and decided to visit.Of all the places in Oregon we've been through along the 101, the 5, and the 97, I have found no where else has staff as friendly as Langlois Market. Everyone who helped us with our hot food orders and the cashiers were just super nice, and they were very patient with our children as well.Our boys loved the hot dogs (without toppings), and we loved our fully loaded hot dogs especially the house mustard. I had to get another hot dog for the road. The road dog was messy but worth it.There are bunch of picnic tables on a grassy field behind the market to enjoy your lunch and the kids/dogs can stretch their legs.We found there was a plethora of other local goodies including hot sauces, wines, jerky, and jams.Unlike some other markets, Langlois is Apple Pay friendly and we had no issues with our several transactions, so don't worry about cash.Coming back down south from the Columbia River, we stopped by Langlois Market again to load up on some goodies.My only knock was the t-shirts didn't come in size M - only XL and 2XL, but I can understand that I'm not the target clientele.See you in 6 months!
Miranda HoffmanMiranda Hoffman
05:13 14 Aug 22
Everyone there was very nice and we found two of our favorite souvenirs for family.But they're famous hot dogs are why they don't get a five star.Maybe it's just me, but a runny honey mustard and hot pickles is not anything close to what I would consider a hot dog. The best part was the onions.
Beth DodsonBeth Dodson
20:42 11 Jun 22
Great little salad for 6.99. Very nice dressings too.Hot dog was delish! The mustard is sweet And a little spicy. Very nice shop!