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How a tiny Oregon town became ‘world famous’ for its signature hot dogs

By Samantha Swindler of The Oregonian

People have been known to travel for hundreds of miles, deep into rural Curry County, to try a delicacy that can only be found here in Langlois, Oregon: a hot dog.

But it’s no ordinary dog. The town’s only grocery, the Langlois Market, says its house-made sweet mustard and specially peeled frankfurters are what make their dogs “world famous.”

For more than 40 years, the hot dog has been the star of the Langlois Market, where it’s featured on branded hats, T-shirts and bumper stickers. Employee McKayla Self-Blethen said the store sells hundreds of hot dogs daily.

“It’s about 175 hot dogs per box,” Self-Blethen said, “and we go through multiple boxes a day, even in the slow season. In the summertime, we probably go through between five and eight boxes a day.”

This is all the more impressive when you realize one box contains as many hot dogs as there are residents of Langlois.

The origins of the famous Langlois hot dog date back to 1981. At the time, Langlois – located between Bandon and Port Orford on the southern Oregon coast – was home to a sawmill that employed about 30 workers.

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