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World Famous Hotdogs - Yup!


Any time we travel 101 south, we stop here for sandwiches. They have some of the absolute best sandwiches I've had. All are very original. I cant remember all of them, but they have a broad selection. My favorite is the Turkey cranberry sandwich. Comes with deli sliced turkey breast on white bread with home made mustard, pickles, lettuce and real cranberry sauce Stacked high and it's so good!

i've had the hot dogs, let me say, World famous? Not really, this is langlois. Now World famous to the locals? yes, it's world famous to them. Besides...It's the mustard that makes the dog ;) Working down in that area my boss would always stop for a hot dog and i would always get a sandwich. It's worth the stop, you would never expect it from just driving by.

Josh and Mary W.

Thanks for the review. It is actually true that Langlois Hotdogs are world famous. One time the energy minister for Indonesia came in and had a hotdog, and he loved them so much he had a bunch shipped back to Indonesia.

So that's pretty far from Langlois huh?